• Cultural & Art Education Programs

    FADF partners with KulArts, Inc., a nonprofit performing arts & education organization, KulArts, Inc. provides Philippine cultural art classes to individuals and students from neighborhood schools, including the Galing Bata After-School Program. The classes include dance, music, drama, visual, and literary arts. KulArts
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  • Parol Lantern Festival & Parade

    FADF begins the festival in October with community parol or lantern-making workshops. The series of workshops provides an opportunity for FADF to engage all sectors of the community to participate in a collective community celebration and parade for the neighborhood in December. Both festivals provide an excellent opportunity for organizations and individuals to cultivate meaningful relationships, thereby strengthening community ties within the neighborhood. Beginning in mid-October, almost every Friday there are parol-making workshops at the Bayanihan Community Center from 5:30pm-8:00pm. FADF
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  • San Francisco Filipino American Historic Tour (Ethnotour)

    Through the assistance of our FADF historian, FADF established a Filipino American Historic Tour in San Francisco. The tour includes a historical context to the Filipino landmarks in San Francisco. Our guide, MC Canlas elaborates on the significant contributions and struggles of the Filipinos that immigrated and lived in San Francisco. High school students and ethnic study students from the colleges and universities schedule tours each semester. FADF
    MC Canlas
  • Filipino Social Heritage District in San Francisco (FSHD)

    FADF has identified more than 25 culturally important sites, buildings, and objects as well as proposed boundaries to establish the FSHD. This district highlights the long-standing cultural institutions in the neighborhood as they have served as places of worship, for community services, for arts expression, and as sites for cultural activities and events in the same manner a plaza would function in the Philippines. The plan also proposes to perpetuate the Parol Lantern Festival with permanent lanterns designed to complement the existing public street lights along the proposed path on Mission Street & Sixth Streets. These proposals will be going before the SF Board of Supervisors in 2011. FADF
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